The Primary Forcing Mechanism (PFM) controlling these naturally occurring warming and cooling cycles are shown in detail, and demonstrate a greater than 90 percent correlation between the PFM cycles, natural global warming cycles, natural global cooling cycles, and the natural rise and fall of carbon dioxide cycles. Chapters within this e-book manuscript provide a step-by-step understanding of the earth’s natural global warming and cooling cycles, natural carbon dioxide cycles, and the natural forcing mechanism that controls 7 different types of global warming and cooling cycles. It will be demonstrated that all of these 7 global warming cycles are all culminating at the same time, and are responsible for the current warmest cycle in 460,000 years. Other findings indicate that polar ice becomes more extensive during colder portions of the 116,000-year and 231-year cycles, and in the process permafrost becomes covered with snow and ice for thousands of years. When this happens, gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are trapped, and the ice sheets likewise trap atmospheric air bubbles. It will be demonstrated that as temperatures over the Antarctic increase naturally during the warmer periods of the mega 116,000-year cycles, atmospheric carbon dioxide likewise increases naturally in response to the melting of the polar ice and the complex natural carbon dioxide feedback system. It will also be demonstrated that the increase in carbon dioxide is in response to these natural cycles and similar to levels reached during the very warm mega warming cycle 425,000 to 460,000 years ago. Chapter 10 of this -book provides a Global Warming and Cooling Forecast discussion for the year 2008 and beyond, including restoration and/or deterioration of the ice sheets, and the rise and fall in the natural carbon dioxide cycles.


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